Gurukrupa Hospital is established on 15th Feb 1994.

Hospital is the nobel place where in suffering humanity has a sheltor. The creativity of god as human being needs care with sympathy, empathy, which involves art of medicine.

The hospital OPD has a well equiped specious consulting room. The hospital does have emergency rooms to cator, primary services to critically ill paitients with subsequent referal to respective intensive critical care unit.

Internal medicine department deals with patients of hypertension, diabetes, ischeamic heart disease, common and uncommon infections, auto-immune disorders, rhematological & haematological disorders etc. specially deals with intense interest and efforts to unreveal the myth of complicated and un-diagnosed rare cases. Also we have special role to play in providing useful information about primary and secondary prevention and promotion of health for patients and their relatives.

Pathology is an incredible part of medicine which involves study of origin, nature & course of diseases using batteries of multiple tests & diagnostic methods in our laboratory.

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