Do’s and Dont’s of Blogging

Blogging is spreading like a virus in the web world with more and more bloggers venturing with their writing skills online. This proves to be a wonderful channel of communication between the reader and the writer as it provides a strong and established platform to share experiences, beliefs, and thoughts. If all this excites you and if you behold the passion of writing, you can also contemplate taking the thrust of this powerful channel. This can undoubtedly bring you a bunch of benefits with regards to personal as well as monetary gains but if in case you fail to understand the essentials you may end up in a loss. To help you reap the enormous benefits of blogging, here are some of the important dos and don’ts of blogging.

Do’s of Blogging

  • Do make regular posts and keep your post updated. Show your readers that you are consistent in your work.
  • Do use the right set of keywords in the right density to ensure effective results if you use the same as your marketing tool.
  • Do stay consistent with your style and type of writing. Readers visit your blog repeatedly because they like your style of writing and if you modify or alter the style, existing readers may not accept the change and may stop visiting your blog post.
  • Do add photos, images, videos, and audios to make your blog post more interactive and engaging. Such additions also make your post inviting and lively.
  • Do peep into your creative mind on and often to get new ideas and tricks. Creativity beholds the power to make your content more inviting and engaging. You can make it more impressive by conducting a contest, offering a free PDF of your favorite content, creating a quiz, or generating an open discussion.
  • To respond to blog comments peacefully and serenely. Commenting offers an easy medium of interaction between the reader and the writer.

Don’ts of Blogging

  • Don’t take blogging only as a medium of earning money. It is certainly a lucrative career option these days but writing just for the sake of monetary benefits may hamper the quality of your content.
  • Don’t let your blog turn into an advertising or classified page. Do keep it open for advertisement and promotional content but limit the space for the same.
  • Don’t impose your thoughts and beliefs on your readers. Keep your post open for interaction and discussion.
  • Don’t stuff keywords with a thought to make it more search-engine friendly. Even one good keyword placed naturally in the content in an optimum density is enough to make your blog post searchable.
  • Don’t stuff non-relevant information and write meaningless sentences to create a long post. Be short yet expressive to share your story with your reader.

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